More than ever before, I have realized that change happens most on the local level. My heart for the youth in our community, as well as our city as a whole, has driven me to pursue this role on the school board.

As a board member, I will have three priorities which reflect what I believe we need most in our district:

  • Student Achievement
  • Safety
  • Accountability

Let’s keep student achievement our number one goal and primary focus. We want all of our students to receive a quality education.

Enforcing the code of conduct, fairly and consistently, will promote safety in our schools and improve the learning environment, giving both students and teachers the ability to work to their fullest potential.

I believe we need to build a culture of accountability at all levels in our district to ensure the progress and success of our schools. This involves noting statistics, listening to the voices of families and teachers, and truly considering what has been working or not working and acting accordingly to see change.

I think it is important to consider student retention and more specifically the reasons students leave the district and the reasons they stay.

Our schools have so many wonderful programs, facilities, teachers, and students. It’s time to bring it all together in a way that will promote progress and help each student realize their full potential. The School District of Beloit has a rich history and a great deal of pride – for good reason.  The offerings of advanced placement courses, our career and technical program, the music programs, extracurricular clubs, and athletic programs are some of the top in the state.   We have so many positives to accentuate and be proud of in our schools.

Despite the wonderful features of our school district, we still lose hundreds of students each year to open enrollment, private schools, and homeschooling.  As a board member, I will consider the reasons so many families do not choose Beloit School District for their children. Some of the most frequently discussed are student behaviors, low student achievement, large classroom sizes, and of course, school buildings that have not reopened since the beginning of the pandemic.

An equally important and related issue that I want to focus on is teacher retention.  How do we attract and retain excellent teachers in the district?  Why are they leaving?  Are we meeting their needs?  Excellent teachers, given the tools they need to teach, are a crucial first step in stopping the flow of students out of the district and a vital component to student achievement.

I would love to hear your thoughts on student and teacher retention.  Please fill out my poll if you have a minute or feel free to reach out through my contact form.

I am looking forward to the opportunity to serve the families and staff of the Beloit School District.

Christine Raleigh

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